Concert Summer by Antenne Bayern (2023)

by Antenne Bayern06/19/2023 - 07/07/2023

Common Questions

Register for a concert on and Mon-Fri . win at 07:05. If you are named, call Antenne within three songs on 0800 994 1000 to win.

Mon-Fri about 7:05 o'clock

Concert Summer by Antenne Bayern ran since 06/19/2023.

Concert Summer by Antenne Bayern ended on 07/07/2023.

Concert Summer by Antenne Bayern start on 06/19/2023 and ended on 07/07/2023.

Yes. To take part in Concert Summer by Antenne Bayern, you must first register at Antenne Bayern.

Yes. There is a map with all entries for Concert Summer by Antenne Bayern:

No. Unfortunately, Concert Summer by Antenne Bayern is currently not running. You can find other current competitions at

All entries

Who was drawn from Concert Summer by Antenne Bayern?

Silbermond Tickets wanted by
Sabine Patschhögel from Poppenricht.

Wish was granted!

Alpha Will Tickets wanted by
Agnes Janrosi from Selbitz.

Wish was granted!

Pink Tickets wanted by
Sabrina Scherer from Reichartshausen.

Didn't call :(

Eros Rammazotti Tickets wanted by
Diana Held from Luhe-Wildenau.

Wish was granted!

David Guetta Tickets wanted by
Kevin Lohherr from Wallersdorf.

Wish was granted!

Cro Tickets wanted by
Susanne Dopmeier from Weiden in der Oberpfalz.

Wish was granted!

The Weeknd Tickets wanted by
Felix Eichner from München.

Wish was granted!

Simply Red Tickets wanted by
Susan Daigen from Dorfen.

Wish was granted!

Nico Santos Tickets wanted by
Simone Ondra from Nürnberg.

Wish was granted!

Harry Styles Tickets wanted by
Tamara Stöckel from Schöfweg.

Wish was granted!

Imagine Dragons Tickets wanted by
Viviana from Fuchsstadt.

Wish was granted!